The Vovos

The Vovos

6:40 PM at The Bandroom

The Vovos are a young female indie-pop punk-rock band based in Melbourne/Naarm.

Forming in 2017 with Ada Duffy, Ruby Ayliffe, Lu Galante and Bethany Feik, joined more recently in mid-2020 by Mika James, they are known for their punk bitch attitude and DIY ethos. Coming from varied yet musical backgrounds, The Vovos found common ground writing their first songs in Beth’s front room.

Starting as underage female musicians, their early songs reflect the struggles of teenagehood and the importance of inclusivity and female voices as well as a love of chickens, carnivorous plants and two minute noodles. As the band developed, more interpersonal themes emerged with a focus on relationships and community inspired by the music scene they grew up in. They have been described as “rising garage-pop upstarts” with “radiant hooks, contagious energy and irreverent indie-rock charisma”.

The amazing quintet rise up on the U:Time Bandroom stage from 6:40 PM!

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